Records Building flood highlights resiliency of County employees

A rendering of the Dallas County Records Building (view from Dealey Plaza), the renovation of which is scheduled for completion in fall 2020. Photo courtesy of Gensler.

June marked the nine-year anniversary of the Records Building flood caused by a City of Dallas water main break on Main St. Water was found in the basement at around 10 p.m. that night and rose up to six feet. The damages exceeded $10 million, and the building closed for a month for repairs. 

The resiliency of County employees during this period was on full display. Temporary operations were set up in adjacent facilities to continue delivering services to the public. The impact to the building’s computer system, which was located in the basement, caused several departments to change operations to paper processes for a short period. 

The event helped shape the future course of the building and catalyzed the approval of the complete renovation and expansion of the Records Building, five years later. The renovation is scheduled for completion in fall 2020.