Changes in the Small Business Enterprise (SBE) Program create more opportunities

The Dallas County Commissioners Court approved changes to the Small Business Enterprise (SBE) program policy that allow a larger amount of certified small businesses to participate in county contract opportunities. 

The new policy establishes the certification and re-certification process to follow the U.S. Small Businesses Administration size standards for vendors. It also delegates the certification process to those certification agencies recognized by Dallas County. Other changes include removing the 20 percent small business threshold and the personal net worth cap requirements. 

“This change will help streamline the solicitation process and allow prime contractors to develop highly-experienced SBE teams,” Interim SBE Director LaSonya Allen said. 

Prior to the approval, a diligent review of the policy took place with a major focus on areas that were limiting SBE subcontracting availability and preventing the County’s ability to count all certified SBE subcontractor participation. 

The Commissioners approved changes on Aug. 20, 2019, and County SBEs will be able to take advantage of the changes for future contracting opportunities.