Four facts you probably didn’t know about the Fire Marshal department


The Fire Marshal’s office strengthens working relationships with internal Dallas County partners.


The Fire Marshal’s office conducts required annual inspections of all Dallas County Juvenile Detention facilities. Thanks to its combined effort with the County Facilities Management and Juvenile departments, all County juvenile facilities are 100 percent compliant.   


The Fire Marshal’s office is working in conjunction with the Dallas County Department of Unincorporated Area Services to patrol the unincorporated areas of the County in order to prevent illegal dumping. On average, the Fire Marshal’s office logs approximately 4,000 miles a month of patrolling for illegal dumping, unpermitted commercial construction and unpermitted commercial businesses.


The Fire Marshal’s office is working with a Dallas County Auto Theft Taskforce in joint deployment operations on salvage yard enforcement and code compliance. Working as a team, this operations group is able to apply a multijurisdictional approach to salvage yard compliance in the County’s unincorporated areas. To date, the Fire Marshal’s office has assisted with the recovery of three stolen vehicles.