Enhanced customer engagement and service streamlines code enforcement in unincorporated areas of Dallas County

Dallas County Department of Unincorporated Area Service (DUAS) continues its efforts to serve as the one-stop shop for customers submitting development applications and permits to Dallas County. 

DUAS held two meetings in August 2019 and increased nuisance abatement patrols alongside vigilance from other departments. These efforts assist in better informing and engaging area property owners to reduce instances of unauthorized development. 

“The department’s regional code enforcement and nuisance abatement patrol efforts have led some property owners to voluntarily bring their properties into compliance with County codes,” Director of Unincorporated Area Services Michael Grace said. 

Part of the success of DUAS’ code enforcement is due to the department’s work with surrounding municipalities, Dallas County’s Fire Marshal and Sherriff’s Offices and through partnerships with the Environmental Protection Agency, Texas Commission on Environmental Quality and other stakeholders. 

DUAS will present its successes to local elected officials and participants from jurisdictions across the state during its upcoming two-day Regional Code Enforcement/Nuisance Abatement Workshop (Nov. 21-22, 2019). The event will offer continuing education and professional development credits.