Dallas County Consolidated Services consistently searching for ways to grow, evolve and improve processes for customer department

One of the primary functions of Dallas County Consolidated Services is fuel purchases for the County. Dallas County has drivers navigating throughout the County’s 900-square-mile area, covering over seven million miles annually, to provide services to the County’s residents. 

As demands and service needs for fleet drivers change, Consolidated Services has reacted by developing a collaborative relationship with its customers. For example, because fuel purchases are one of the County’s most costly expenditures, Consolidated Services is working with customer departments to increase awareness on fuel reduction strategies to help the County realize a decrease in the use of fuel and significant cost savings. 

For example, purchasing fuel at County-owned fueling sites when feasible is an easy way for customers to save significantly. The County acquires its fuel through bulk purchase contracts at a discounted savings average of $0.68 per gallon over standard retail prices. With the County utilizing close to 800,000 gallons of fuel per year, the use of County-owned sites promotes significant cost savings. 

“The Consolidated Services team stands ready to work with all of our customer departments to help champion these fuel-reduction and saving strategies,” Consolidated Services Director Christopher Hooper said. 

Other recommended fuel-saving strategies include using GPS technology, choosing the right vehicle type for each department’s service requirements and considering alternatively-fueled vehicles.