Construction Progresses on Dallas County’s New Oak Cliff Government Center

In June 2020, project general contractor Ryan Companies began construction of Dallas County’s new Oak Cliff Government Center located at 702 East Jefferson Blvd. The two-story, 43,000-square-foot and LEED-certified building is intended to provide a much-needed update to County services in District 4 and surrounding areas. The new government center will house the Dallas County Justice of the Peace, Truancy, Constable and Tax departments. To celebrate the project’s commencement, Dallas County hosted a groundbreaking ceremony in August 2020. 

This week, the project team reached noteworthy construction milestones. Project Manager Jon Setzer confirmed that, among other progress indicators, the project team poured the building’s foundation, began installing the building’s glass curtain wall and completed the framing of the building’s second floor.  

The building’s rooftop units (RTUs), packaged units installed on the roof that contain all air conditioning components, are scheduled for installation on February 13; on February 15, the team will lift the precast concrete panels part of the three-story parking garage located on the project site adjacent to the government center; and, by the end of the month, the glass curtain wall will be fully installed.  

Right now, the project team anticipates completing the $33-million-dollar project in August 2021, which is two months ahead of the team’s initially projected completion date. Additionally, in line with the County’s stated goal of leading the way in opportunity creation for local minority-owned firms, Setzer confirmed the project team is on track to reach 52% participation from Minority & Women-Owned Business Enterprise (MWBE) firms and that second-chance workers successfully contributed to the project by constructing an office and the parking garage. These workers are part of the same Regional Black Contractors Association program through which workers were recruited to build Dallas County’s new Elections Operations Facility

Interested constituents may view project progress by accessing live footage provided by an on-site camera. 

All images are courtesy of Ryan Companies.