The People Behind Dallas County: Cynthia Armendariz

This story is part of the Dallas County Messenger’s series showcasing the people serving Dallas County. Cynthia Armendariz is an Inventory Control Specialist in the Facilities Management Department

Cynthia Armendariz, Inventory Control Specialist

Explain your specific role at Dallas County. 

As an inventory control specialist, I ensure that I order, stock and distribute the proper items for the various county detention facilities and provide our frontline employees with materials necessary to accomplish their daily maintenance operations. Since the start of the pandemic, personal protective equipment (PPE) was added to our already-large inventory, and as a result, we expanded our inventory-storage capacity. 

Why are you passionate about your department? 

Since the start of my career at Dallas County in 2016, I have seen so much growth within the Facilities Management Department. Knowing that I am a part of that growth makes it an honor to be part of the team. 

What would Dallas County constituents be pleasantly surprised to learn about your department or the services it provides? 

We take employee and public safety seriously. Facilities Management Department Directors and I manage all COVID-19-related PPE. Since the start of the pandemic, we have provided all county departments with PPE to protect employees.

What are you most looking forward to accomplishing?

I am most looking forward to completing our department-wide integration of the Wasp InventoryCloud software, a cloud-based inventory-management software. This is the first step towards digitizing our department’s operations. 

What’s an example of a creative solution your department deployed to improve a Dallas County process or help a Dallas County constituent? 

The Facilities Management Department’s supply division uses a keep-stock program. We have partnered with our most-frequently-used vendors to keep inventory at a level based on usage. This prevents waste and also saves money, as we only purchase items that are needed.

What is your favorite part of working for Dallas County?

I love that I have the freedom to make the changes necessary to do my job. The trust and support from our department’s director and assistant director have made all the difference in the confidence that I’ve gained in my career while working for Dallas County. 

This conversation is edited for clarity.