The People Behind Dallas County: Priscilla Latham

Priscilla Latham is a Dallas County superstar and public defender game changer. Priscilla joined the Dallas County Public Defender’s Office 21 years ago as a Legal Secretary. Her talent was quickly recognized, and she was promoted within a short time to Senior Legal Secretary. Her talent shone through again and again, and more promotions followed, from Administrative Assistant II to, most recently, Administrative Supervisor.

Priscilla is an outstanding employee who has excelled and exceeded expectations in each position she has held. She is smart, creative, insightful, committed, diligent, hard-working, and dependable. She is well-respected by her direct reports, her peers, and the Public Defender’s Office Leadership.

In recognition of the vital role she plays in the office, she is a valued member of the Executive Leadership Team, where she has been affectionately nicknamed “Master P” for the mastery she exhibits in all her many areas of responsibility. Extremely knowledgeable about Dallas County policies and procedures, human resources practices, budget and purchasing, Priscilla has taken on these and so many other responsibilities when the office did not have dedicated positions to fill specific needs. She steps up time and again to provide assistance and support that significantly impacts the operation of the office on a daily basis. Branching out, she has also developed positive relationships with other County departments and their staff members; these relationships have also significantly impacted the Public Defender’s Office operations and how it functions as a part of the whole County. Dallas County Administration also recognized Priscilla for her many positive contributions, and she is known throughout the County as the go-to person to contact about the operation of the Public Defender’s Office.

No matter how many challenges land on Priscilla’s desk, she always approaches them with an attitude that exudes professional efficiency, finding creative and innovative solutions that frequently go beyond the initial ask. She does this all with a smile and calm and reassuring “no problem!”

In her free time, Priscilla is a selfless and devoted animal advocate, directing a grassroots, self-funded cat rescue operation. Her catch and release spay/neuter work in the Fate community has reduced the stray cat population and improved the health and quality of life for countless cats. She is assisted in her animal advocacy work by her husband and former high school sweetheart, Joe, with whom she shares two adult sons. Joe and Priscilla celebrated their 28th anniversary this year, and he is very proud of his wife’s professional accomplishments, as are her colleagues.