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530 Fund enables training and education opportunities for Dallas County specialty courts

The 530 Fund, named from H.B. No. 530, is generated from the intoxication fees added to misdemeanor and felony drug-related convictions. Representatives from all certified Dallas County specialty courts manage the 530 Fund Committee.   The Criminal Justice Department provides administrative oversight and offers technical assistance to the subcommittee. This includes recommending best practices, offering guidance on Dallas County policies and

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Four facts you probably didn’t know about the Fire Marshal department

FACT ONE The Fire Marshal’s office strengthens working relationships with internal Dallas County partners. FACT TWO The Fire Marshal’s office conducts required annual inspections of all Dallas County Juvenile Detention facilities. Thanks to its combined effort with the County Facilities Management and Juvenile departments, all County juvenile facilities are 100 percent compliant.    FACT THREE The Fire Marshal’s office is working

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