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Dallas County Fire Marshal department addresses vehicle-salvage business violations

The Dallas County Fire Marshal department partnered with the Dallas Police Department to address outstanding vehicle-salvage business violations. This cooperative effort was in response to a growing need to serve businesses located in jurisdictional gray areas.   The Dallas Police Department enlisted its auto theft, code enforcement and fire-rescue inspection divisions and abatement and community prosecution teams to work alongside its

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The People Behind Dallas County: Robert De Los Santos

This story is part of the Dallas County Messenger’s series showcasing the people serving Dallas County. Robert De Los Santos is a Fire Marshal in the Fire Marshal’s office. Explain your specific role at the County.  I am the Dallas County Fire Marshal/Chief. I work with three departments as one: Fire Marshal Office, County Marshals and Dallas County Fire Rescue. Why

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Four facts you probably didn’t know about the Fire Marshal department

FACT ONE The Fire Marshal’s office strengthens working relationships with internal Dallas County partners. FACT TWO The Fire Marshal’s office conducts required annual inspections of all Dallas County Juvenile Detention facilities. Thanks to its combined effort with the County Facilities Management and Juvenile departments, all County juvenile facilities are 100 percent compliant.    FACT THREE The Fire Marshal’s office is working

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